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Ted McGrath
Irish American Certified Master Woodworker

About Me


Hi Everybody!

Firstly I want to thank you for visiting my site and taking
an interest in my Archive of Woodworking Project Plans,
blueprints and ‘how-to’ Instructional woodwork videos
that accompany my wood plans.

I am origionally Irish, I hailed from Dublin City, Ireland. I lived in the west of Ireland in County Galway and also County Cork for a lot of my youth. I was always interested in all things woodwork. I made several wood projects with my father and brother whilst I was young, from a garden bench, toy chest, rocking chair, wood dresser, coffee table, gazebo, dog kennel, and garden shed to name just a few.

I moved to the USA for almost 15 years living on both the East coast in New Jersey and also inFlorida for 12 years along with the West Coast in San Diego. Whilst I was there my passion for Woodwork took on a whole new level as I began to run practical wood shops and classes almost weekly. Needless to say my Archive of Wood Project Plans and tutorial Videos grew extremely large during my time in the US.

I am currently living in London, UK and I am retired now, but still active in woodwork groups and teaching in a technical college for a wood turning class twice a week.

Needless to say my passion for Wood work and all things carpentry has allowed me to design several wood project blueprints and make hundreds of Instructional videos for countless numbers of wood projects. I have kept an archive of all woodworking plans or schematics I have ever owned. In total I have a little over 800 high quality woodwork plans and videos. For the past few years I was giving people access to just this bank of wood plans, however as of September 2014 I have joined forces with a former woodworking Teacher of mine from the US Jim Hanks, creating the largest Archive of Woodworking Project Plans available anywhere!

So – this is great news for you, because not only do you get my thousands high quality plans, you also get all of Jim's which means you are actually getting Instant Access to over 16,000 woodworking plans. Yes 16,450 plans to be exact!
Now if there is not a woodwork project in there for you, I don’t know what to say!! This website acts a a completely FREE space for the general public to showcase, display and talk about all the projects they have completed or are currently working on from the Wood Plans Archive.
If you build a project from one of my Wodwork plans - take a photo and send it to me here sowe can showcase your DIY work!

Take a look for yourself!


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